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The Live Show
More than 20 acts took to the Hyde Park stage at this year's Party In The Park, and we've brought together some of the best performances for you to enjoy again and again.

Will Young

He opened the show and did it in style. Backed by dancers, the nation's first Pop Idol showed that he more than deserved the public's votes, performing four tracks from his latest million-selling album, including its title track 'Friday's Child'.

Watch Will Young live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Will Young Live (56k Modem)

Alanis Morissette

She's less angry these days, but still knows how to please a crowd. She played very special acoustic versions of 'Ironic' and 'Head Over Feet', before playing 'Eight Easy Steps' and new single 'Out Is Through' from her latest album 'So Called Chaos'.

Watch Alanis Morissette live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Alanis Morissette Live (56k Modem)

The Calling

Alex Band and co. got the crowd rocking at PitP. The LA-based band impressed the crowd, playing tracks from their new album 'Two', but didn't leave before their classic, sing-a-long anthem, 'Wherever You Will Go' and a crowd pleasing cover of The Clash's 'London Calling'.

Watch The Calling live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch The Calling Live (56k Modem)

Avril Lavigne

The teenage rock chick made her PitP debut this year, but looked more than ready for the huge crowd in front of her. Old faves like 'Sk8er Boi' went down a treat, but the highlight for many was her new single 'My Happy Ending'.

Watch Avril Lavigne live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Avril Lavigne Live (56k Modem)

Darren Hayes

The former Savage Garden frontman proved to be a popular choice for PitP. Not only did he perform the group's 'Affirmation' single, as well as his biggest solo hit to date 'Insatiable', he also performed new single 'Popular' for the first time to the London crowd.

Watch Darren Hayes live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Darren Hayes Live (56k Modem)

Beverley Knight

Performing the two biggest hits of her career so far 'Shoulda Woulda Coulda' and latest release, the more rock-influenced, 'Come As You Are', Ms. Knight proved to the crowd that she's definitely one to look out for in the future. Check out her performance here.

Watch Beverley Knight live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Beverley Knight Live (56k Modem)

Natasha Bedingfield

Pleasing the PitP crowd must be in the genes, as Natasha followed in her brother, Daniel's footsteps by wowing the 100,000 people in Hyde Park. She got all the single people singing along to 'Single', before performing her new single 'These Words'.

Watch Natasha Bedingfield live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Natasha Bedingfield Live (56k Modem)  


The boys in Blue always impress on stage, and their PitP appearance didn't disappoint. As well as performing a medley of their hit singles, Simon, Ant, Dunk and Lee also treated fans to a performance of their latest single, 'Bubblin' with female rapper L.A.D.É.

Watch Blue live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Blue Live (56k Modem)  

The Corrs

Andrea, Jim, Sharon
and Caroline have appeared at PitP on numerous occasions in the past and so it was a pleasure to welcome them back. The Irish siblings were on top form, performing tracks from new album 'Borrowed Heaven' as well as old faves 'What Can I Do' and 'Breathless'.

Watch The Corrs live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch The Corrs Live (56k Modem)  


Charlie, Matt and James showed that they could cut it live, getting the whole crowd on their feet and rocking to the smash hits 'What I Go To School For', 'Crashed The Wedding' as well as their latest release 'Thunderbirds Are Go'. Here's what happened on stage.

Watch Busted Live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Busted Live (56k Modem)

Nelly Furtado

This girl brought a colourful, international flavour to the PitP stage. Kicking off with her debut single 'I'm Like A Bird', the Canadian star brought her set to a close by getting the audience on stage for 'Powerless (Say What You Want)'. Check it out here.

Watch Nelly Furtado live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Nelly Furtado Live (56k Modem)


They're by far the biggest girl group in the UK right now, and these girls proved just why at this year's PitP. Backed by their band, the girls gave stunning live renditions of the incredibly catchy, 'Hole In The Head', but also slowed down the pace with their new single 'Caught In A Moment' and 'Too Lost In You' from the movie, 'Love Actually'. 

Watch Sugababes live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Sugababes Live (56k Modem)


They've been dubbed 'Mini-Busted' in the past, but these four lads moved out of their shadow, making the girls in the crowd squeel with delight. Lots of jumping up and down, and microphone sharing, they performed their two No.1 singles as well as a cover of The Beatles' 'She Loves You'. Check out their on stage performance here.

Watch McFly live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch McFly Live (56k Modem)

Sean Paul

Hyde Park couldn't get enough of this man. He might have shot to fame by duetting with the likes of Beyoncé and Blu Cantrell, but he was very much the solo star on stage at PitP. The Jamaican star got the audience moving with tracks like 'Gimme The Light' and 'Get Busy'.

Watch Sean Paul live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Sean Paul Live (56k Modem)


This girl is no stranger to the PitP stage, and more than impressed the crowd. Kicking off with 'Welcome To My Truth' from her latest self-titled album, the American singer also treated us to her new single 'Sick And Tired' and the phenomenal 'Left Outside Alone'.

Watch Anastacia live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Anastacia Live (56k Modem)  


The former Fame Academy student gave a top of the class performance for the Hyde Park crowd, performing his hit singles ཮/50', 'Lullaby' and 'Dance (With U)', as well as a fantastic cover of The Darkness' 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'.

Watch Lemar live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Lemar Live (56k Modem)  


The Brummie superstar more than impressed the PitP crowd with performances of 'Thank You', 'Club Hoppin', new single 'See It In A Boy's Eyes' and of course 'Superstar', looking sensational in a beautiful yellow dress. Check out her performance here.

Watch Jamelia live (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch Jamelia live (56k Modem)  

The Finale

The finale was well worth waiting for, and the perfect end to a fantastic show. Shapeshifters got things started with 'Lola's Theme', followed by Peter Andre and Matt Goss, before soul legend Lionel Richie closed the show, getting all the audience on their feet with 'All Night Long'.

Watch the finale (Broadband + ISDN)
Watch the finale (56k Modem)  

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Special thanks to Columbia Records, BMG Records, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Virgin Records and EMI for their kind permission to stream all performances online.

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