Watch The Video For The New Darren Hayes Single 'Popular'!
From pop wonder guy to electro god, Darren Hayes is back in fighting form with his new single 'Popular' - the first from his new album 'The Tension And The Spark', out September 13. Watch the cool video for 'Popular' exclusively online, right here!
Pop wunderguy Darren Hayes is back in the finest form of his career, with a brand new look and sound that's set to leave more than a few jaws scraping the floor and have tounges wagging all over the globe. Gone is Darren Hayes of the past, welcome the new Darren Hayes - a man with a new appreciation of the irony of the phrase "pop will eat itself", experimental electro-clash sounds and deeply confessional and confrontational lyrics.

By late 2003, with the multi-million record selling duo Savage Garden and a successful solo album (2002's 'Spin') to his credit, Darren was reassessing his artistic goals. Having created an already enduring pop music legacy, Hayes felt ready to expand his musical palette, developing new sounds while intensifying the range of his musical and lyrical sensibility. He was, in effect, ready to start with a clean slate and follow his muses into bold and adventurous new territory.

"I'd been getting into French bands like Phoenix and Rhinoceros as well as Björk, Air, Goldfrappe and the Chemical Brothers," he recalls. "I was listening to music that was to me so much more textured and interesting than anything I was hearing on current Top 40 radio."

While 'Spin', Darren's first solo album, racked up close to two million sales and produced four singles, most noticeably the soul-drenched romantic ballad 'Insatiable', it is on 'The Tension and The Spark' that Darren Hayes comes fully into his own as an artist.
Produced, written and mixed by a combination of Darren, Mark "Spike" Stent (Björk, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Madonna), Marius De Vries (Björk, Madonna's Ray Of Light, The Moulin Rouge) and hardcore underground electronic maverick Robert Conley, 'The Tension And The Spark' bristles with candor and urgency through a 21st century experimental electronica and atmospheric soundscape, bravely pointing towards a new musical future.

"This record is my story," Darren muses,"but it's also a human story that I think most people can relate to. Eventually, I came to realize that, even for my own Morrissey-like confessionals, life is meant to be a rollercoaster. I'm terrified but I'm ready for the change. Evolve or dissolve."

The first single off 'The Tension and The Spark' is the mind-blowing, electro-clash spectacular 'Popular', that's set to put the sizzle back into the charts! Released in Australia on August 23 and hitting radio this week, the single will be available in two different and cool packages for fans: CD1 will contain the single plus non-album B-sides while CD2 will have plenty of excellent electro remixes of the track.

"Popular is my take on our increasing obsession of Fame as a vocation," says Darren. "I'm pointing the finger at myself and the genre that brought me up - it is, also an incredibly exciting and crazy piece of music".

The brilliant, slinky and completely hilarious video for 'Popular' also hits the box this week and is sure to please fans as well as win Darren a whole new level of respect. Dripping with enough satire to match the sarcasm of the song, the concept for the 'Popular' clip was conceived by the completely insane Jackass crew, and shot around various famous London location, including Madame Tussauds, Oxford Street and Lords Cricket ground, on two handy cams. Keep your eyes peeled for the cops that appear in the clip - they're not actors, but real police actually trying to shut the shoot down...fortunately for us, Darren knows how to bust a move at lightening speed!!

Be the first in the world to see the video for 'Popular' online right now, right here baby!

Click away to watch...

The new Darren Hayes 'Popular' out on Monday, August 23

The album 'The Tension And The Spark' out September 13

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