Piano-singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton returns with Harmonium, the follow-up to her platinum selling first album Be Not Nobody. In her new album, Vanessa has grown and heads in a new direction but remains rooted with the strong melodies and lyrics that made her first album so great. Be prepared to be blown away by Harmonium and a dancing Vanessa. Check out the infectious first single "White House" now.

"White Houses"

Listen to White Houses!

It's finally here! Click below to listen to "White Houses", the first single from Vanessa's new album "Harmonium". In stores October 19th.

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  • 吳卡講
  • 很明顯的 她需要被祝福
  • Craig
  • 名字沒看清楚,我還以為是一首反戰歌曲咧@@<br />
  • 裘弟
  • 吳卡講你終於出現了
  • mindtraveler
  • 當下看了有點傻眼<br />
    她居然跳起舞了<br />
    歌不錯聽呀 @_@