Lisa Stansfield is back. Back with a new album, a new producer, the innovative Trevor Horn and an exciting new sound. Lisa’s unmistakable voice sounds as fresh as ever but the songs on new album, ‘The Moment’, reveal an established artist still evolving and still experimenting.

In an inspired move and in what is undoubtedly a marriage made in musical heaven, Lisa is working with Trevor Horn- the acclaimed producer behind Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Seal. Production started on ‘The Moment’ at the beginning of 2004. According to Lisa: “I was nervous about this album, but all my life I have done things that have scared me, from a really early age I have been thrown in the deep end and I think that is the only way I can work.”

“The whole thing was just really refreshing. We would write really quickly and just go in and see what worked. Initially we played with a full band and then Trevor would add and take things away. But there is a live, relaxed feel to some of the vocals, which came from those early sessions. I am a real perfectionist and it was just really exciting to let go.”
‘The Moment’ according to Lisa developed organically, “We didn’t go in with a brief, we just went with whatever worked.” What is very striking about the new album is the variety of the material and the incredible range of Lisa’s voice. The album features a version of the Prefab Sprout classic, ‘When Love Breaks Down’ for which Paddy McAloon wrote an extra verse just for Lisa. Other album highlights include the infectious and anthemic first single, ‘Treat Me Like A Woman’ and the soulful, ‘If I Hadn’t Got You’, written by Chris Gifford and Chris Braide. Lisa co-writes a number of tracks on the album including the title-track, ‘The Moment’ which Lisa describes as a; “ballad and then some”.

On working with Trevor for the new album, Lisa says, ‘He is very clever, he finds out the way you work and what you can do and then makes a space for you to work in. But then is also full of crazy ideas which are just fantastic”

‘The Moment’ is classic Lisa Stansfield with a twist. Her totally distinctive, effortlessly powerful voice is better than ever and the album is a testament to her ability to continually evolve and experiment as both a vocalist and an artist. ‘The Moment’ is due for release September 27th on ZTT Records. The first single, ‘Treat Me Like A Woman’ is out September 20th.


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