Delta Goodrem's New Single
'Out Of The Blue' Premieres Today

Delta Goodrem's brand new single 'Out Of The Blue' premiered at 7.45am today on radio across the nation, and has been burning up the airwaves since!! Listen to it online now and hear it on your mobile - only on 3!!

Delta's brand new single 'Out Of The Blue' hit radio for the first time at 7.45am today and overwhelming praise for the stunning ballad has been flooding in ever since from both fans and the industry alike!

'Out Of The Blue', which hits stores on Sunday, October 10 was co-written by Delta and Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Jewel) and recorded earlier this year. Best news of all is that it's the first taste you'll get of Delta's new, as-yet-untitled studio album,
due out later this year.

Delta, who is currently in the US finalising tracks for the album, has described the song as "being about times when someone comes into your life unexpectedly, and what a positive effect that can have on you".

Hear it on your mobile - only on 3
Listen to it on RealPlayer - right here

'Out Of The Blue' in stores Sunday, October 10

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  • Out Of The Blue要多聽幾次才會喜歡上的一首歌
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  • Craig好久沒看到你囉<br />
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