UK Music's 'Who's Who' Re-Record Band Aid Song

LONDON (Reuters) - Twenty years after the release of one of the biggest singles of all time, leading British artists gathered on Sunday to re-record the Bob Geldof (news)-inspired charity hit "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
Paul McCartney (news), Coldplay's Chris Martin (news), Jamelia and The Darkness were among those at a London studio to record the single, which bookmakers have already tipped for the Christmas number one spot. "It's time to recreate the magic, and perhaps add a little of our own," The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins told Xfm radio.

Geldof and Ultravox singer Midge Ure created Band Aid, a supergroup of 40 artists, in 1984 and with the hit single raised over 10 million pounds ($18 million) for famine relief in Ethiopia.

Ure has described the latest line-up as a "who's who of coolness" after he managed to get big names like Robbie Williams (news) and Dido on board for the slightly re-arranged song. Artist Damien Hirst is making the CD's cover. Proceeds will again go toward aid for Africa, particularly for Sudan's volatile Darfur region, where tens of thousands have died since March from disease and malnutrition.

"I just returned from Africa ... and it sickens me that every day of hunger they see as normal," Geldof told BBC television, as he urged people to buy the single.
Geldof, who traveled to Ethiopia earlier this month as part of the British-sponsored Commission for Africa group, became the public face of Band Aid and the subsequent Live Aid concert which raised over 60 million pounds.

He emphasized funds raised from the new band Aid single, due out on November 29, will go straight to those who need them.

"The money will keep those who are hungry not hungry," he said.

The "Do They Know" song has already been re-recorded once, in 1985.


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