Searching Out on Monday – Order A Signed Copy
Jamie Scott releases his new single 'Searching' on January 10th. The single is available on a two track CD and a special three track CD with the video for 'Searching'. The full tracklisting is as follows…

CD 1
1. Searching (Reza Mix)
2.Find My Way Back To Heaven
CD 2
1. Searching (Reza Mix)
2. Searching (Album Version)
3. Troubled Mind
4. Searching (Video)
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As a thank you for all your support Jamie has signed a limited number of the singles. To get your hands on a signed copy of ‘Searching’ order now from the official store JUST CLICK HERE.


*於2007/02/10 整理這篇,發現他的官網都沒在經營了
不過在他的MySpace 我才發現
原來他有一首歌曲"Made"有收在本公司發行超好聽的電影原聲帶"Step Up"
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  • Owen
  • 見到裘弟貼這篇並不意外,<br />
    因從他去年的首支單曲 - Just 開始,<br />
    小弟就是他的歌迷了說=^^=<br />
    <br />
    還好此月份值得注目與期待的唱片並不算多,<br />
    (就個人而言啦),<br />
    不然恐怕又要掉進無止盡的敗片輪迴之中了@.@<br />
  • photojc
  • 好好聽o~>\\\<~在台灣會發行ㄇ??