Debbie Gibson poses for Playboy

Eighties pop star Debbie Gibson has posed naked for Playboy magazine.

The 34-year-old shed her clothes for the magazine's March issue to coincide with the release of a new single titled Naked, reports the New York Post.

The photos are described as "very sexy, feminine."

Gibson, who enjoyed a string of hit singles in the late 80s with Shake Your Love, Only In My Dreams and Foolish Beat, has recently established herself on Broadway in the shows Beauty and the Beast and Cabaret.

Naked is due to be followed by a comeback album. Among the tracks is a remake of Hall & Oates' Rich Girl.

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  • faustlin
  • 真是沒想到她也仿效 Tiffany 先前的做法…<br />
    <br />
    2002年 Tiffany 接受訪問時還建議她「不用也不需要」這樣做,<br />
  • jordy
  • 十七年前,Tiffany以Could've Been奪下第二首冠軍。這首歌最早製作人是要給<br />
    桃莉巴頓和克莉絲朵蓋兒演唱。想不到兩位鄉村Diva都拒絕了,也讓Tiffany爆<br />
    紅。即將在菲律賓和Taylor、Sheena合作演唱會的Tiffany最近說這是她的一首<br />