Listen To Pete Murray's New Single 'Better Days' Now!

'Better Days' captures the album's optimistic flavour and offers a slice of what is to come from the follow up to Pete's six-times platinum selling album, 'Feeler'.

Without further ado, listen to 'Better Days' now...

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Pete Murray - 'Better Days': Windows Media Broadband

'See The Sun', scheduled for release on September 25, was recorded with Pete's touring band, now dubbed The Stonemasons, in Melbourne and co-produced by Eric Sarafin (Ben Harper, Michael Franti) and Pete Murray.

With Pete's unmistakable vocals and lyrics at its core, 'See The Sun' covers everything from soul-baring ballads to joyous rock'n'roll celebrations and is sure not to disappoint.

In other exciting news, Pete will be touring nationally later this year. 

'Better Days' will be released September 4, with 'See The Sun' in stores September 25

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  • craig
  • 還不錯聽啦~ 但我還是比較喜歡Jack Johnson<br />
    在澳洲一些論壇看到,說他人紅就開始自大傲慢了. 人紅是非多啦~
  • jordy
  • 基本上從我發現這首歌到現在<br />
    都還沒有認真聽過<br />
    但我也沒理Jack很久了<br />
    因為如果你在台灣<br />
    我想每天打開廣播打開電視打開網路都是他...<br />
  • overdose
  • 對對對<br />
    我快被他們給 Jack 做的宣傳攻勢逼瘋了<br />
    一聽到就按下消音<br />
    尤其是某餐具電台(「那」算不算餐具啊 :P)<br />
    每次都擅自加個 the 在抬頭裡 :S
  • jordy
  • 沒辦法 那家電台和所屬唱片公司感情好像好到不行(偷偷告訴你喔)<br />
  • jordy
  • Good People 某個部份的編曲超像烏鴉的Leaving Las Vegas