Friday HillFriday Hill - 'One More Night Alone'

Aww. When was the last time you heard a song as cute as this? It's got that heart-warming choral feel of Five's sunny 'Keep On Moving' (remember? c'mon it wasn't THAT long ago!), only with a more strident beat and some of Kenzie's best little almost-raps to keep things sounding modern. There's even a mock-Darkness twin-guitar breakdown, just before the massed ranks of the Friday Hill harmonic society do their best impression of massed ranks of angels, out on the lash. And they actually sound like they mean every note of this gloriously sugary pop confection. Which means that disliking a song like this would be like kicking a particularly licky puppy. So don't, OK?Fraser M Released on: 13/02/2006
(From TOTP; 獲得四顆星評價)

這三個小鬼就是《Blazin' Squad》的James (aka  Flava), Kenzie, Mus (aka Strider) 自組新團

 第一首單曲Baby Goodbye的MV


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