James Franco and Sophia Myles star in 20th Century Fox's Tristan & Isolde
Oscar buzz from Billboard
January 23, 2006 - The nominations for the 2005 Academy Awards haven't been announced yet, but there are already two candidates for best original song for the 2006 awards, to be presented in 2007. These contenders are the top two debuts on The Billboard Hot 100 this week. Gavin DeGraw's "We Belong Together" (J), from "Tristan & Isolde," is the highest new entry at No. 38. It is also the highest new entry of 2006, though it's true that this is only the fourth chart week of the calendar year. "We Belong Together" is the highest debut since Madonna bowed at No. 20 with "Hung Up" the week of Nov. 5, 2005. This is DeGraw's third chart entry. His biggest hit to date is his first single, "I Don't Want to Be," which peaked at No. 10 exactly one year and four weeks ago. The follow-up, "Chariot," peaked at No. 30 in July 2005. This week's second-highest debut is "Upside Down" (Brushfire) by Jack Johnson. The song from the "Curious George" soundtrack opens at No. 69. This is also Johnson's third time on the Hot 100. He peaked at No. 73 in August 2002 with "Flake," and No. 66 in March 2005 with "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing."

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  • jordy
  • 是我脫窗了嗎<br />
    在最新的榜單(Issue Date: February 25, 2006 )前百名這首已經不在上面了<br />
  • faustlin
  • 前一週 2/18 的榜單就沒這首了哩<br />
    在這之前幾週的榜因為沒整理沒貼所以不曉得 =.=
  • faustlin
  • 查了一下……<br />
    38→26→74→榜外<br />
    <br />
    2/11那週掉到74名似乎是因為榜單計算又改制的緣故(名次知後好像又有修正過)<br />
    導致該週單曲「Breaking Free」從86名直接跳上第4、上升82個位置<br />
    打破先前由 Shanice「When I Close My Eyes」所創下名次上升最多的記錄
  • BOSS
  • Billboard榜單改來改去只是讓人更是一頭霧水<br />
  • craig
  • 怎摸會那摸好聽蛤?!! Gavin的歌詞真是充滿意境...
  • angeladai
  • 說Tristan & Isolde我超想看的<br />
    之前去官網發現竟然是Gavin DeGrew<br />
    更想看了我<br />
    不過台灣有要上映嗎?!<br />
    I doubt it~>.<<br />
  • aiwank
  • 厄阿~那有可以抓到這首歌的地方媽~
  • jordy
  • 我已經看過這部還算要演蠻久的電影<br />
    不過台灣只有預告片一直出現I'm going under<br />
    至於"抓"歌<br />