Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

If you don't know already (I'm sure you do though!) our girl Jewel has a BRAND NEW album coming out on May 2nd!!! The record is called Goodbye Alice In Wonderland and trust me, you are going to LOVE it! Check out the video for the first single "Again & Again" right here: Windows Media | Real Player.

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  • faustlin
  • Wow,Jewel 果然還是適合這種調調<br />
    這次的造型既性感又有氣質,比上一張 0304 要好多了 XD
  • BOSS
  • 珠兒還是這樣好聽! 又美!
  • High
  • 永遠的Jewel呀~~~~<br />
    好聽就是好聽 :D