Coming Up, Watch For The CHA CHA Video To Debut In Both English And Spanglish Versions & Listen For The Track On Malcolm In The Middle on 4/9/06.

With a Unique Fusion Of Urban-Latin Rhythm & Dance, Look For Chelos Debut Album To Be Released In Early June.

Although the debut album from SONY/BMG Latin artist CHELO is set to be a summer hit upon its early June release, the bilingual artists first single is already commanding impressive early attention. So propulsive is the song Cha Cha, that when producers of ABCs Dancing With The Stars heard the track, they knew they were hearing an undeniable hit and asked CHELO to make his television debut on the primetime ratings powerhouse. The buzz from that single performance has lead numerous DJs to quickly embrace the track (already pushing Cha Cha to the number 2 position on Billboards next chart of Breakouts for Hot Dance Club Play) and multiple 5-Star fan reviews on iTunes.

Blending CHELOs infectious energy, bilingual flow and Rhythmic fusion, Cha Cha unites R&B and hip-hop elements of urban pop with the sensuality and style of classic Latin dance. Set to be serviced this week to both English and Spanglish TV formats, the songs video captures Chelo (a phenomenal dancer himself) bringing together club goers from the past and present into a stylish urban dance party. In fact, the video sees a special cameo from international salsa champions Yesenia Adame and Rodrigo Guzman, who had danced to Cha Cha on Dancing With The Stars and were so enthralled by the song that they agreed to be part of the video. In addition to Cha Chas upcoming video airings, look for the song to return to the broadcast airwaves again on the April 9th episode of Malcolm in the Middle on Fox. 

While Cha Cha is without question an addicting dance track that instantly sticks in a listeners head and feet, it is just one of many styles that the multi-faceted Chelo will introduce on his bilingual debut album in June.


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