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After a comparatively long period of negotiations Kim Wilde finally signed a new record deal with the German division of EMI records in late 2005. In July 2006, it was confirmed that a new album, entitled 'Never Say Never', will be released in Germany on 8th September 2006. A single, a re-working of Kim's 1988 hit 'You Came' will preceed the album and is set for release in Germany on 18th August 2006. Kim has announced that the sound of the new album will be strongly reminiscent of her earlier work. It will be a 14 track album, with eight new songs and six new versions of some earlier hits. The track listing has been announced as follows:

1. Perfect Girl 
2. You Came 
3. Together We Belong 
4. Forgive Me 
5. Four Letter Word 
6. You Keep Me Hangin' On (featuring Nena) 
7. Baby Obey Me 
8. Kids In America [featuring Charlotte Hatherley] 
9. I Fly 
10. Lost Without You 
11. View From A Bridge 
12. Maybe I'm Crazy 
13. Game Over 
14. Cambodia [Paul Oakenfold Remix]

The album will be released in several European countries at first. Whether other countries (both European and otherwise) will release the album seems seems to be heavily dependant the album's initial success.

*You Came 2006 (Official Version)

*You Came 2006 (In Bed Only Version)



*Perfect Girl MV

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