Disk: 1    

1. Coming Home (Original Radio Version)
2. If You Believe (Radio Mix)
3. Slowly (Radio Mix)
4. I Feel Lonely (European Broadcast Version) 
5. Rooftop (New Radio Version) 
6. Owner Of My Heart (Album Version)
7. This Is My Time (Radio Cut)
8. Take Good Care Of My Baby (Feat. Vancouver Movie Orch.) (New Radio Version)
9. Lucky Day  
10. Turn It Into Something Special (Radio Cut)
11. Let Me Be The One (Radio Version) 
12. Here She Comes Again (Album Version) 
13. I'm Still Waitin' (Unreleased Version) 
14. Chemical Reaction (New Radio Mix) (No Ragga)
15. Walk This Way (Album Version)
16. We Can Leave The World (Radio Cut) 
17. Goodbye (New Radio Mix)
Disk: 2   
1. If You Believe (New Version)  
2. I Feel Lonely (New Version 2006) 
3. We Can Leave The World (New Version)  
4. This Is My Time (New Version)  
5. Rooftop (Cas vs. Bodyrock Remix)  
6. Happy X-mas  
7. Coming Home (X-mas Radio Version)
8. Rooftop (Live Bayern 3)  
9. Slowly (Live Bayern 3)  
10. Photo Gallery  

Coming Home MV


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  • Sasha的歌,<br />
    個人最愛帶有福音氣息的We Can Leave The World.