2.Don't Care Who Knows (Album Mix feat Cassidy)   首支單曲英國榜第29名2005年三月進榜
3.Open Like So
4.Don't Fool A Woman In Love 2005年五月發行第二首單曲
6.Spent Money
7.The Weakness In Me (翻唱Joan Armatrading1981年Walk Under Ladders專輯
8.No Wallflower
10.What's On Your Mind
11.Complicated Emotions
12.What Makes You Think
13.One Step At A Time
14.I've Got Love feat Bob Marley
15.Don't Care Who Knows (Original Version) Review
, the debut from Keisha White is a mixed affair--though not in the sense that it's patchy or padded out with filler. The Londoner's influences are apparent but broadly spread across contemporary R&B, classic soul, smoky blues and the mandatory sound of British soul from the eighties and nineties. The intro skit finds Keisha affecting a jazzier tone which may fool some into thinking she is another Amy Winehouse clone but this is not the case.

Lead single "Don't Care Who Knows" kicks things of properly and surprisingly for a British act, it sounds like a US R&B production, a sound that so many UK acts attempt but fail to emulate. Next up is "Open Like", a far more mature sounding Keisha breezes though a funky Lauryn Hill-lite backbeat that is strikingly infectious and a possible radio hit of the summer. Moving on from the influences of Lauryn Hill, TLC and guest rapper Cassidy doing his best LL Cool J impression, Keisha comes back to Blighty for a cover of Joan Armatrading's "The Weakness in Me", a belter of a ballad that shows the range, depth and expression in her voice which is after all, the highlight of the album. One weaker spot is the ill-advised "I've got Love" featuring Bob Marley, the poppy dancehall beat sounds completely at odds with the (long) sample from Marley's very spiritual sounding "Mellow Mood".

Seventeen is nothing new, different or astonishing, but it is very good. It's consistent throughout and doesn't rely on poppy gimmicks; Keisha proves her voice is worthy of the recognition and the care that's gone into the song-writing and production sets this album (let alone debut) apart from so many others. Hopefully the follow-up will be even better. --Georgina Collins

Album Description
Keisha White's Seventeen is the stunning new release from one of the brightest new stars in the UK. The album has clearly taken time, passion and devotion. It's an album with a sound that's both classic and contemporary. Some of the best writers and producers around have worked on this, including renowned producer Scott Storch, writer Balewa Mulhammad, Marko Rakascan and Lucas Secon.

The Weakness In Me(此為網路上找的Joan歌詞,和新版略有出入)

I'm not the sort of person
Who falls
In and quickly out of love
But to you I gave my affection
Right from the start

I have a lover
Who loves me
How could I break such a heart
Yet still you get my attention

Why do you come here
When you know I've got trouble enough
Why do you call me
When you know I can't answer the phone

Make me lie
When I don't want to
And make someone else
Some kind of an unknowing fool
You make me stay
When I should not
Are you so strong
Or is all the weakness in me

Why do you come here
And pretend to be just passing by
When I mean to see you
And I mean to hold you

Feeling guilty
Waking from tormented sleep
This old love has me bound
But the new love cuts deep

If I choose now
I'll lose out
One of you has to fall
And I need you
And you


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