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Roger Federer Could Start Throwing Rackets, but the Tennis Ace Says 'Winning Helps' Prevent Such Emotional Outbursts - in the May/June Issue of Men's Vogue
Tuesday April 17, 5:00 am ET

NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Unmatched and in search of the perfect adversary, Roger Federer retreats to Dubai, the home of other super-athletes, where he has learned to loosen up and enjoy his youthful age of 25-a rare luxury among his peers who have been pressured since their early childhood careers-and prepare for a long road ahead. Highlight quotes from his interview in the May/June issue of Men's Vogue:


On meeting Bjorn Borg during last fall's "Legends Rock Dubai" exhibition event:

"I called this guy who knew him and said, 'Tell Bjorn I will be on court tomorrow at 10.' I wanted to say something specific so it would be easy for him to say no. I didn't want to embarrass him." [Federer] arrived at the appointed hour to find [Borg] already warming up. "He played very well," Federer recalls. "I could easily still practice with him, you know." And Borg says, "We hit well together, but he has maybe one or two more shots than I have."

On his future:

"You have to remember that when [Bjorn] Borg was my age, he retired. Borg started very early and got burnt out at the end," he says. "I am prepared for what happens after," he says. "I don't think it is going to rattle me. I hope not. It is normal to lose. Normal for a career to end. I won't be surprised."

On controlling his emotions while on the court:

"I could start throwing rackets ... Winning helps. But don't be surprised if one of these days I let the emotions free."

On his recent high-profile visits to New York Fashion Week and material wishes:

"Fashion helps me understand a little bit of who I am," Federer says. "As a young Swiss man, it is always satisfying to know that you have a healthy bank balance. And, of course, that you can meet your dreams in terms of cars and the homes." But, "My fantasies now are all about tennis."

On his friendship with Tiger Woods:

Federer says it was odd before they met last year at the U.S. Open. "The papers kept talking about the similarities between us, you know. It was almost like: Sorry, we are not mates, but we are very busy ... " And Tiger Woods says he and Federer talk and text "about the mind-set that it takes, the discipline. But a lot of the stuff is BS. We're just giving each other a lot of grief all the time."

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Source: Men's Vogue

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