"Stranger In A Strange Land" video stream live at Amazon.com Today!!

Starting today Amazon.com will feature a full length video stream of a live peformance of "Stranger In A Strange Land" by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb. The clip was recorded in the studio during the making of "Guilty Pleasures." The video will also be included on the DVD side of the DualDisc version of "Guilty Pleasures."


Legendary Artists Collaborate On Set Of New Recordings
On 25th Anniversary of Classic "Guilty" Album

"Guilty Pleasures" In Stores Tuesday, September 20

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(dateline - New York - August 12, 2005; source: Columbia Records)

The legendary singer Barbra Streisand has reunited with producer/songwriter/vocalist Barry Gibb for "Guilty Pleasures," a new collaborative album slated for release on Tuesday, September 20 from Columbia Records.

The eagerly-awaited release of "Guilty Pleasures" comes 25 years after the pair's first multi-platinum album, "Guilty," made pop music history as a worldwide chart-topping smash which helped define the emerging Adult Contemporary pop music genre following its release in 1980.

One of the four top-selling albums--alongside "Greatest Hits Vol.2," "A Christmas Album," and "Memories"--in Ms. Streisand's extraordinary catalog, the original "Guilty" became the artist's fifth album to reach the #1 spot on Billboard's Pop Albums chart.

The album generated three hit singles: "Woman In Love" (#1 Adult Contemporary, #1 Pop) and the duets with Barry Gibb, "Guilty" (#5 Adult Contemporary, #3 Pop) and "What Kind of Fool" (#1 Adult Contemporary, #10 Pop). The album's title track, "Guilty," took home the coveted Grammy Award for "Best Pop Vocal Performance, Duo or Group."

Shortly after its release, the original "Guilty" album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America with Platinum status following within two months. "Guilty" has gone on to be certified 5x Platinum, with sales exceeding five million copies in the U.S. and 12 million worldwide. With 49 Gold, 30 Platinum and 13 Multi-Platinum albums to her credit, Barbra Streisand is the music industry's #1 best-selling female artist and the only female on the RIAA's Top 10 list of artists.


Barbra Streisand - "Guilty Pleasures"
CD side:

1. Come Tomorrow (Duet with Barry Gibb)
2. Stranger In A Strange Land
3. Hideaway
4. It's Up To You
5. Night Of My Life
6. Above The Law (Duet with Barry Gibb)
7. Without Your Love
8. All The Children
9. Golden Dawn
10. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
11. Letting Go

DVD side:
1. Above The Law (Duet with Barry Gibb)
2. Hideaway
3. Stranger In A Strange Land
4. Letting Go

8/30 Guilty  25週年紀念盤發售
9/20 全新專輯Guilty Pleasure 上架
Guilty Pleasures


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  • ken
  • Barry Gibb(BEE GEES)幫一些歌手製作跨刀的片子<br />
    總是能成為經典之作<br />
    包括Dionne Warwick的Heartbreaker<br />
    Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton的Islands In The Stream<br />
  • jordy
  • 這張專輯週五已經耍狠以dual disc版拿下亞馬遜銷售冠軍了
  • 阿偉
  • 看來史翠珊在演完班史提勒老媽後決心要好好振作來個影視歌大反攻囉
  • jordy
  • 哈哈希望她能永保最暢銷女歌手紀錄啊
  • jordy
  • Night Of My Life 國外已經做了四種舞曲混音版<br />
    看來要推club的企圖相當明顯<br />
    包括<br />
    Night Of My Life - Junior's Roxy Anthem <br />
    Night Of My Life - L.E.X. Club Mix <br />
    Night Of My Life - John Luongo 12" Mix <br />
    Night Of My Life - John Luongo 7" Mix <br />
    第三個版本好好聽<br />