Matt Dusk Is Back In Town! Pre-order at iTunes Today!
On June 13th, Juno award winning crooner Matt Dusk will release his much-anticipated follow up to Two Shots, entitled Back In Town. The infectiously catchy first single "All About Me" hit radio and TV a few weeks back and is already becoming a contender for this summer's anthem.

Back In Town straddles the sphere between classic big band recordings and catchy modern pop songs. Pre-order the album on
iTunes now and get the bonus track "Besame Mucho" plus the e-video for "All About Me".

Matt has just begun his cross-Canadian tour, kicking it off last week with an incredible showcase in the Avalon Ballroom at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. You can catch Matt in a city near you as he makes his way across the country. Be sure to check our tour section to see all the dates.

1. Back In Town
2. All About Me
3. The Best Is Yet To Come
4. More
5. As Time Goes By
6. Learnin' The Blues
7. A Million Kisses Late
8. Where Were You When
9. Get Me To The Church On Time
10. Who's Got The Action
11. On The Street Where You Live
12. April Moon
13. History Repeating (Bonus)

首支單曲All About Me 音樂錄影帶

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  • Owen
  • 當初發現他的人結果卻忘了他^^"<br />
    不用說myspace給他貼上先,<br />
    有問題請儘量問,<br />
    他會回答的喔=^^=<br /> <br />
    <br />
    Same Same<br />
    Same Same其實算是老面孔的老朋友喔,<br />
    那麼Same Same是誰呢?<br />
    去瞧瞧就見分曉啦:)<br /><br />
    <br />
    來自Spain的偶像團體NASH<br /> <br />
    <br />
    Sandy & Junior<br />
    今天聽到了他倆翻唱了比吉斯與Celine Dion<br />
    合作的Immortality.<br />
    (收錄在1999年的Quatro Estações專輯裡)<br />
    而自1992年發行第一張至今,<br />
    已發過超過10張以上的唱片,<br />
    相當驚人.<br />
  • jordy
  • 就是你發現的啊:P<br />
  • Owen
  • 第一篇的第一句話其實是自嘲啦,<br />
    因自己是真的真的把他給完全遺忘了,<br />
    若不是裘弟貼此篇新消息,<br />