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GQ Names the 25 Most Stylish Musicians of All Time: Bowie, Dylan, Hendrix, Presley, Sinatra Top List
Monday August 16, 12:51 pm ET

Plus: Andre 3000, Beck, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder

NEW YORK, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- GQ names the 25 most stylish musicians of all time in its September 2004 Big Style issue. The hotlist includes: Andre 3000, Beck, Chet Baker, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, Serge Gainsbourg, Liam Gallagher, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Thelonious Monk, Jim Morrison, Gram Parsons, Elvis Presley, Keith Richards, Paul Simonon, Frank Sinatra, Gene Vincent, Charlie Watts, Paul Weller, Pharrell Williams, and Steve Wonder.

Andre 3000: The only man alive who can wear a tie to the beach and still look cooler than any musician working today.

Beck: From his thrift-store jeans and slacker gear to his skinny nightclub suit and some Tropicalia moves that got even the music critics dancing, Mr. Hansen has been the most stylish man in rock for a decade.

Chet Baker: Hauntingly beautiful, perpetually troubled. Baker wore his dark suits and white shirts with an insouciance only a jazz legend could muster.

David Bowie: How good do you have to look to popularize androgyny? This good.

Nick Cave: Unbutton shirt, light cigarette, grab microphone, and work the stage like nobody since Tom Jones.

Johnny Cash: The Man in Black also understood the elegance of a crisp white shirt, bold cuff links, a sharp watch, and the power of pomade.

Miles Davis: Long before he affected shoulder-padded MC Hammer jackets and Jheri curls, Miles put together a poise and ease befitting the baddest mother in the business.

Bob Dylan: Even before Dylan ditched his cloying folkie fan base and plugged in, his style was already going electric-skinny black outfits with Carnaby Street flair, mystery shades, and his hair as meticulously careless as the man himself.

Bryan Ferry: Eighties music was largely a style wasteland. But there was one sophisticated, smoky island draped with beautiful women who kept the flame of fashion burning.

Serge Gainsbourg: Never has dissolute looked so elegant and ballsy. But that was Serge.

Liam Gallagher: The Oasis frontman has pilfered rock's past for fashion inspiration, and he's done so with remarkable success-from his anoraks to his Lennonesque shades. His hairdo alone launched a thousand bands.

Marvin Gaye: A sweaty, gyrating master of sexual style.

Jimi Hendrix: Jimi never got dressed; he decorated-tying and twisting and draping himself into an accessorized wizard in cropped jackets and second-skin pants and hair that knew no master.

Thelonious Monk: A brilliant but difficult man who wore his complexity with flair.

Jim Morrison: The leather pants. The concho belt. The utter disregard for shirts. Morrison gave birth to the vision of what a lead singer should be.

Gram Parsons: Parsons lived just long enough to drop out of Harvard and fuse the twang of country with the punch of rock, creating a rhinestone- studded alt-country style immortalized by a suitmaker named Nudie.

Elvis Presley: Movies trivialized him; pharmaceuticals wrecked him. But for those few magical years before he shipped off to Germany, Elvis was the most magnetic creature on the planet.

Keith Richards: During that four-year run between Beggars Banquet and Exile on Main Street, Richards defined the look of a rock star-jagged hair, sunken cheeks, the random scarf, and plenty of velvet.

Paul Simonon: The best-dressed, best-looking punk ever. One good reason why the Clash was "the only band that matters."

Frank Sinatra: If you don't get why by now, pal, you ain't ever gonna get it.

Gene Vincent: If Elvis had been a bit tougher, he would have grown up to be Gene Vincent, a motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing rebel who soared to fame in 1956 with "Be-Bop-a-Lula."

Charlie Watts: No rock musician has aged with more dignity than the subdued, sly drummer of the Rolling Stones.

Paul Weller: Twenty-seven years after the Jam's debut album, kids are still trying-and rarely succeeding-to cop Weller's iconic mod style.

Pharrell Williams: Vintage tees, fur-collared parkas, trucker hats, fatigue cargo shorts-Williams's wardrobe perfectly captures the fashion of the times.

Stevie Wonder: After he burst onto the scene as Little Stevie and before he grew his braids, Wonder taught us what it is to be a player.

"The 25 Most Stylish Musicians of All Time," appears in the September 2004 issue of GQ, on newsstands nationwide Tuesday, August 24, 2004. GQ is the leading men's general-interest magazine and part of Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

Source: GQ


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